bay Area research
Welcome to the new Bay Area Research
Heidi Flores invites you to the new star research group in the Bay Area.  Formerly with San Jose Focus, meeting your needs for over 18 years, Heidi has formed a new company specializing on your recruiting needs, partnered with many of the best facility providers in the bay area.
Bay Area Research …your partner in research.
Bay Area Research is a dedicated, high quality marketing research firm focused on becoming the best in the San Francisco Bay Area.
We believe in strategic professional partnering for our clients.  Our mission is to successfully and accurately complete all projects on time to meet the high standards our clients expect and deserve.  We are determined to provide quality results within your budget and on time while adhering to the highest of ethical standards.

Bay Area Research is a market research firm located in San Jose (about 40 miles south of San Francisco).  We facilitate focus groups and other types of studies for research purposes only.

You can earn extra cash by participating in our studies which include: focus groups, taste tests, auto drive tests and clinics, product dev., ad testing, music listening, mock trials and more.

Your Opinion Counts!

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